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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> despite a brush with the hurricane, crowds are arriving. big surprise on the campaign trail in the race for mayor. whew's in and whew's out? the redskins making final roster cuts. >> hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday night. we begin with one of the area's most popular and crowded spots, chinatown where new efforts are underway to stop people gathering and fighting near the metro stop. armando trull reports where authorities are trying something new. >> reporter: it is called the mosquito, but right now it's a mosquito free zone, but that wasn't the case earlier, because a mosquito was buzzing around. this is what a 21st century mosquito looks and sounds like. that's a mosquito. >> oh, wow. >> have you ever seen a mosquito like that? >> no. >> at least it's the nickname
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of an electronic device that sounds out a high-pitched hum. >> i hear a sound, and this sounds really noisy. >> the mosquito is meant to discourage loitering, especially by teens, whose ears are especially sensitive to high frequencies. >> maybe a little, but not too much. keep moving. >> reporter: folks over 25. >> i was wondering how did it work and. >> reporter: the high-tech safety device was installed two weeks ago by the gallery place partners, llc, a real estate company that manages many of the commercial properties in the trendy neighborhood. bruce, that company sales it does not discriminate against eens and has re-- against teens and has recalibrated it so that older folks can hear it if it's turned on again. it's not turned on tonight. we're not sure why, and when they will turn it on again. some folks say it will disencourage them from hanging around, folks like the ones you
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see behind me. back to you. >> armando, thanks a lot. if you plan on using metro this holiday weekend keep in find five metro stations on the red line are closed. tacoma, silver springs, forest glen. work crews are performing track maintenance and replacing some switches. while the work is going on, metro is providing shuttle bus service from the closed rail stations. here's what passengers in silver spring had to say about the closures today. >> i'm on my way to work. now i'm going to be i don't know how late because i have to take the shuttle bus. >> we just moved to town two weeks ago. we're enjoying walking around seeing the town. it will make us spend more time in town. >> it really hasn't affected me. >> do you take this metro station? >> i catch the bus. so i can catch the buses. i never catch the train. >> metro says passengers who take the shuttles should add about 40 minutes to their travel plans. the crew count on the back
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deck may have caused a fire that swept through a home in prince george's this evening. there were no injuries, but neighbors had to watch as flames shot through the roof of the home located on whistling drive. firefighters got the call around 7:30 tonight. >> i saw a lot of black smoke from the roof, and then there was a little bit of fire coming from the top of the roof. it seemed like within seconds the whole top of the roof was engulfed in flames. >> this is a side of the house and this is the backyard and this is the roof. >> what did you think when you saw the flames and fire? >> it was really a lot of heat and fire. i felt really bad for the family that lives across the street. >> one firefighter was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for minor burns. a dangerous day at the beach are being described tonight. hurricane earl brought its full force at 4:00 yesterday. the rough surf and high waves remain throughout today. lifeguard officials say waves were reaching six to seven feet
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high after the storm. a broken leg, dislocations, cuts, scrapes and neck injuries were reported. several people had to be pulled from the water. the high surf was also a problem in ocean city. that's where ser ray chin spent -- surae chinn spent the day on this last push for summer surf and fun. >> reporter: the remnants of earl are still making big waves here at ocean city. while it's proving challenging for many swimmers, other vacationers don't seem to mind. >> it's absolutely gorgeous. >> we came down here, no problem with earl or nothing. >> reporter: on a moderate to high risk for rip currents, a new batch of lifeguard trainees are finding earl's extra challenge exhausting. >> there's a lot of rips out there. waves are like head high. >> how tiring is it? >> very tiring. >> not very deep. did it hurt? >> reporter: this 5-year-old from reston had to be rescued. >> we were boogie boarding and
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he got out too far and was having trouble getting back into the shore. they came out and got him fairly quickly. >> reporter: big waves excited this surfer from maryland. >> itens works you pretty hard. you've got to know what you're doing out. it's pretty big. >> reporter: a newly wed couple postponed their friday wedding to today. >> i was a little flustered i would say, yep. but it all worked out. >> i knew we would get this done one way or the other. >> reporter: 250,000 vacationers are expected here this holiday weekend rat ocean city. despite some cancellations, the number is typical for this holiday. at ocean city, surae chinn, 9 news now. tropical storm earl is now eyeing newfoundland, canada, after swiping cape cod last night and dumping a lot of rain. it's explained for one death in
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nova scotia, a man who drowned while trying to secure his boat. little damage on cape cod. some residents of nantucket said it packed quite a punch. >> the surf, i have never seen it that high in 35 years. wake up tomorrow and decide whether we are a homeowner on nantucket or not. >> it will continue to be a concern throughout the weekend. new developments in the b.p. oil spill investigation. crews raised the blowout preventer to the surface today. the 300 ton device was supposed to monitor the deep water horizon for any signs of trouble and seal the pipeline if necessary. that did not happen in april when an oil rig exploded killing 11 workers. the blowout preventer will be turned over to the fbi as part of the investigation into the deadly explosion. meantime on the national mall, a group of protesters staged day one of a two-day rally to call for a safe environment in the gulf. organizers say they want to call attention to the devastation caused by the b.p.
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oil spill. they say they'll also call for safe, clean energy for the future. in a surprise move today, d.c. school chancellor michelle reed joins fenty on the campaign trail. polls have shown reed is a polarizing figure, with about half giving her high marks for school reform and others low marks for closing schools. she appeared with mayor fenty in chevy chase, where both are quite popular. >> i told everybody here, i'm here as a private citizen. >> have you consulted. >> i have consulted with my attorney, and he has told me it is fine to be here as a private citizen. >> fenty is trailing gray by 17 points in the washington post poll. gray is riding a wave of voters dissatisfaction with fenty's governing style. fenty's home base showed up at the park in northeast. >> i will hit everywhere, just
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like i've done throughout the entire campaign. we'll talk to everybody, anybody. i'll work hard to try to win every vote in the city. >> the d.c. residents already have taken advantage of early voting. it's a tires in the city. earlier today election officials said 2,300 voters have already cast their ballots in the primary. four early voting locations opened. a downtown location has been operating since monday. the centers are closed tomorrow, but on labor day the hours are 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening for the early voting locations, go to our website, for the first time, maryland residents can take advantage of early voting. it begins friday at locations across the state. voting centers are closed tomorrow, but will reopen monday through thursday, september 9th. for the complete break down of early voting, go to our website, still ahead on 9 news now,
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tonight a well-known dress worn by an alleged white house gate crasher is going on the auction block. and a good samaritan helped save a couple of young kayakers being blown out to sea. that story is next. weather wise, rip currents should start to subside late tomorrow and even into monday. what a gorgeous day as we celebrate labor day weekend, the unofficial last day of summer. wakeup weather, it will becrisp. it's going to get even colder tomorrow night. beautiful wakeup weather with snipe. much more coming your way in a few minutes. stay with us.
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>> a good samaritan to the rescue this weekend. the man swam out to help save two young kayakers being swept tout on sea. rescue crews with the coast guard's inflatable boat also helped tow the teens back to shore safely. >> my daughter and her friend were outboarding and didn't realize how far they were blown out. and i got nervous, and called, and the police responded beautifully. the coast guard came. they were able to board in on their own, but everybody was there to help them and checking them out.
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>> officials say 25 miles per hour wind gusts helped put the kayakers in danger. they were not hurt. two babies fighting for their lives after a three vehicle collision involving a gas tanker on a major interstate in phoenix. it happened when a car slowed down to look at a mini collision and cut off the minivan. the car slammed on its brakes to avoid a crash. the gas tanker then hit the two vehicles and overturned on its side. in afghanistan, three people dead and nearly a dozen others hurt when a suicide bombers rammed his car into a military convoy. officials there say three dead were all civilians, one ever them a child. in a separate attack in a northern province, a bomb planted on a motorcycle killed four afghanistan military officers and three civilians. craigslist shut down the erotic services session. the move came after a move by state attorneys general said
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there were not enough protections to block ads promoting prostitution. >> my personal belief is there were a combination of circumstances, some of them public, like the ad in the washington post or the interview, but most importantly, the series of very serious and crimes emanating from these ads. women, trafficking in children, other kinds of criminal activity. >> craigslist replaced the section on its website with a black bar that simply leads censored. the dress made its way to the white house, and now it's making its way to the auction block. we're talking about the dress that salihi wore when she allegedly crashed a state dinner last year. the alexandery a auction house says it will be put on the auction block october 7th and could go between two and three thousand dollars. we'll keep you posted. many people are enjoying
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the holiday weekend. many dmv employees will have to work. they'll be processing driver's license applications that piled up during the past week when the computer system experienced a widespread failure. dmv says it has over 400 employees on duty, employs who are at the customer services locations across the state. in our area that means alexandria, leesburg will be open tomorrow from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. and monday 8:00 until noon. northern virginia schools will welcome back more students than ever on tuesday morning with tighter budgets and salary freezes. read it in sunday's washington examiner. still to come, an unexpected guest for a homeowner this weekend. how a pilot ended up on her roof. coming up on 9 news now. whal the rest of the labor day weekend look like? forecast coming up next.
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incredible hot summer and this is the prize what we're getting right now? >> yeah, unofficial end to summer. >> i would like to say goodbye to the summer. official hottest on record. it's nice to see temperatures struggling to get into the low to mid-80s. tomorrow they'll struggle to get to 80. i think we'll stay in the 70s. it's going to be crisp tomorrow morning. even colder as we get into monday morning. believe it or not, the national weather service is contemplating putting frost advisories in the highlands out to the west. that's autumn. 85 for a high today, after 91 yesterday. take a look at this. yes, that is a high. 79, and the sky conditions couldn't be better. clear, dry air. in fact, humidity today about 2:00 in the afternoon dropped to 24%. even though it will be 79 tomorrow, and today was 85, it may feel a little warmer tomorrow, because we had wind gusts 25, even 30 miles per hour winds.
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so it may even feel more 79. that beats the 90s or triple digits any day. 84 starts a warmup. close to 90 on tuesday. sometimes it takes awhile for mother nature to turn the oven off. look at these numbers. 73, reagan national. 64 in baltimore. 57; is that right? yes, it is, so the temperatures start to drop with a clear skies. but it's the dry air. if the air gets drier as we get into tomorrow night with the clear skies, therefore that's why the national weather service may be contemplating frost advisories, believe it or not. here we go, for tomorrow morning, a very nice start. maybe even sweaters if you get out and do a little morning jog or something like that. it will be perfect for runners or bikers. mid-40s in some of the suburbs. 55, 56, in the metro area. winds are lightning now. in some areas, we went from 25 miles per hour winds to only
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10. 5-10 tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, they lighten even more. pretty much calm winds. we'll get to 79. perfect, absolutely splendid conditions for anything going on. rip currents were a problem, of course. still with earl, that moved into around halifax, producing hurricane gusts, 74-80 miles per hour gusts. we had a few fair weather clouds. the only blemish were maybe a strong gust today. those rip currents should start to subside late tomorrow and into monday. if you're heading to the beaches, watch the posted signs, ask the lifeguards if you have to. cool dry air. high pressure will slide in. lighten up the winds. continue to bring in the dry air. this cold front came through dry. another one back west of this area of high pressure. that will come in wednesday late. that looks like it's going to come in dry, too. there's our next problem weather wise, if we have any. if you take a look at the future cast that shows the cloud cover and rain, this is no motion, folks, believe it or
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not. it's not showing anything. we have some areas in maryland and virginia as well, not just with drought conditions, butextreme drought. with the next front coming in, kicking up winds, we may have a fire threat. some areas that do not have drought will most likely be added to the list or put into an extreme drought scenario. it doesn't look good. that's not the best of senator rows. 79 for -- scenarios. leesburg 76. absolutely fantastic. all right, a little tribute to those who labor. i call this my degrees of labor. for all you cooks in minnesota, 62. schoolteachers, michigan, 63. merchant, connecticut, 75. lawyers, virginia va. dr. town in georgia. gardenerville in new mexico, 102. for you pilots, pilot hill.
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baker, oregon, 73. carpenter, wyoming. for law enforcement, bear with me on this one, badger, south dakota. we've got for foremen in arkansas. 76. for you truckers, wheeler, mississippi, 89. for those of you who say, honey, i need to go out of town for business. teen green estates. don't sweat it up too much on the golf course, guys. the seven-day outlook. near 90 tuesday. 90s wednesday. another front moves through. no chance of rain this week but an absolutely gorgeous weekend. >> thanks, great forecast. and from the category you won't believe this. an oregon woman got a visit from an unexpected house guest this weekend when a plane took a nosedive into her home. amazingly the pilot survived, was even able to walk away from the site. >> i went out my door right here and closed it, and then i was on the ground. bang. it blew me off the porch and on the ground about four feet.
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i don't know if he got tossed out, if he climbed up the plane instead of down. there was gasoline pouring out into my house. >> pretty amazing. i'm amazed he walked away. >> the homeowner had just left the house when the plane came crashing down. get this. the 70-year-old pilot ended up sitting on her roof. wasn't hurt. >> wow. >> wasn't his time. lucky man. >> one word, three letters, wow. >> got a bunch of guys looking for work in the nfl today. >> this is the guy everyone is looking for 75 to 53. willie parker rented an apartment. he didn't buy. that's a good thing. the running back situation clear now after cut down day. parker no longer at the park. he ain't the only one either. two days after a rock solid performance, injuries delabeling a young backer and a former cougar might as well be a freight train leading the way in college football. we'll have the highlights next in sports of the
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
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any surprises for you in this list? >> not really. i'll tell you the good thing about it, now that we're done with this, time to play football. son, go get your playbook. coach wants to see you. not what you want to hear this time of year. all across the nfl, the grim reaper had doors to knock on, and he did his business at redskins park. it's official, the roster has been pared down to 53.
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the most notable on the outside looking in, running back ricky parker who couldn't shoehorn larry johnson out of a 2-spot. his past blocking deficiencies too much to overcome. robert henson who seemed to make every tackle thursday, but injured his knee, he got an injury spent from the team -- settlement from the team and was waived. wide receivers, terrence, capers, rinehart and oldenburger. terrain cut. tryon wasn't cut but traded to the colts. wide receiver devon did make the team. he wasn't spectacular but did return kicks and displayed a do anything attitude that probably helped him. despite dropping a few, brandon banks showed enough wheels to make the team. also at 6, we said tight end logan paulson was cut but actually made the team. that was our mistake. logan paulson actually made the
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team. university of maryland has confirmed that kevin anderson will officially be named athletic director on tuesday. he held the same position at west point from 2004 to this year. he'll be the first african- american a.d. at college park. his football program going to face navy in the renewal of the state rivalry monday afternoon. navy's going to win. the teams have only met twice since the johnson administration, as in lyndon johnson. navy's going to win. you can imagine everyone's tweaked up to see it play again. >> he can't go anywhere without somebody messing in the navy game. i'm in the great state of maryland. excited about the type of football we have here. you have two strong universities going against each other. i think everyone is excited and we are, too. >> navy's going to win. all right, more college football. smith getting his first start at the trigger for west
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virginia. gino to jock sanders, 17 yards. west virginia wins 31-0. smith, 20 of 27, 216 yards, two touchdowns. mike london making his debut as virginia's head coach. fourth quarter, keith payne, big fellow, bringing pain. takes the corner, gets the edge, sniffs the pylon. that's six points. 114 yards for the former oak finance high standout. later, he wasn't done. 6'3", 250 pounds, biceps and triceps, runs it in there. he had four touchdowns. virginia wins 34-13. georgia town ends a 12-game losing streak. james madison 48-7 over hoor head state. how word loses to holy cross. catholic, 16-13 winner over shenandoah. baseball now. stephen strasburg is out of the hospital after his surgery on his elbow friday. mike ri zoe said it was successful. his teammates in pittsburgh,
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the man who couldn't wait to catch strasburg early they're year,rodriguez. one of 15 swats by the nats tonight. they won 9-2. soccer action, this is the kind of year it's been for d.c. united. simply, the win. columbus wins it 1-0. d.c. united loses 1-0. finally, and finally, let's get tennis. tracy trying to continue her run at the u.s. open tonight. tough assignment against sharapova. first set she loses and second set she loses. 6-0, 6-0, the run is over, but a pretty good run for a local young lady. sharapova too much today. down to 53 now for the redskins. >> players cut, they get to keep their jerseys with their names on the back? >> good question.
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i don't think so. they get a goody bag maybe. recap for us? >> a little cool in the morning but a beautiful sunny day tomorrow. absolutely splendid. >> thanks a lot. have a good night, everybody. [ man ] i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. for almost anything, even local charities. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks,
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